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5 Reasons Why Women Should Worry About Retirement

Boomer generation women, ages 53-71, are facing retirement. Here are five reasons why women, especially Boomer generation women, should be concerned. 1. Career Interrupted Many women stopped working after having families and had career breaks, which resulted in lost income and savings. 2. Retirement Program Neglect Families often used women’s income for extras such as […]

Mistakes that Lead to a Larger Tax Bill

In the few minutes that it takes to read this short list of common mistakes, Uncle Sam will have collected millions of dollars.  Taxes act as a headwind against your financial future.  Families raising children feel the pressure of tax obligations on their budgets.  Investors growing assets to fund retirement feel the tax resistance to […]

Avoiding Audit Red Flags

An IRS audit is the most feared outcome of the tax filing process. The average taxpayer envisions an audit beginning with an IRS agent knocking on the door ready to seize assets and first-born children. Historically, only about 1% of filers are audited. There are no automatic triggers for an audit, so not taking deductions […]

Tax Services for Individuals and Businesses in Haymarket, Gainesville, Fairfax, Bristow and surrounding Metro areas.

Northern Virginia Tax accountant serving Northern Virginia Metro and the entire United States. Essential Tax Services is a full-service tax accounting firm focused on providing quality tax preparation, tax planning, and accounting services to Haymarket, Gainesville, Bristow, Manassas, Fairfax Virginia and surrounding communities. For over 10 years, Essential Tax Services has provided quality accounting services with a strong dedication to client satisfaction. […]